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Isaac’s Birthday Story the (“He said” version)

Okay, so I will spare you many of the details that Emily shared in her post. In fact, my version is more of a recording (definitely the guy version) of the whole day for Isaac to laugh at later in life. (I actually recorded my version first but Emily blogged her version and said I should post mine on her blog so that there was a he said, she said version.)

Don’t worry, my version will likely not make you cry. Well, unless those tears come from laughing at my different predicaments so hard that you cry. I also wrote this after midnight the night of Isaac’s birth and have not proofed the doc very carefully. So, it may be a little rough. If I have some time later I will try to clean it up. Right now, I am operating on very little sleep and proofing at the moment will likely yield poor results.

So, here it goes:

Message for Isaac:

Isaac, since your name means laughter, it is only fitting that your first day of life be one that we look back at and laugh about. It certainly was a roller coaster of experiences and one that I will not forget.

The Good and Not so Good!
3:15 a.m. Emily wakes me…its early and we didn’t go to sleep until 12:30 or so. – Not Good.
3:16 a.m. Emily says she thinks we’re going to have the baby today (8 days overdue)…Good!
3:20 a.m. Wow, let’s get up and get the plan together. We’ve got window installers coming at 8:00 a.m. and they came from out of state and I don’t know how we would reschedule before they showed up  – Not Good.
3:25 a.m. I take a shower and while trying to pray and mentally prepare for the day…Good.
3:45 a.m. Moved furniture for the windows to be accessible. Argh, not planning on doing this with sleeping children in the middle of the morning. —Not Good.
4:20 a.m. Furniture moved, Emily cleaned a little in the kitchen and started some laundry. Don’t wanna come home to a dirty house, right? —Good!
4:30 a.m. Hmm, trying to decide if we should call my brother and sister-in-law….Very early and Katie, our sister-in-law is 8 months pregnant. We would rather now wake them until a more reasonable hour if possible. —Not Good.
4:45 a.m. We make the call. Katie, says she’ll be there soon! —-Good.
5:00 a.m. Talk to Mid-wife to let her know current state of affairs. 30 second contractions every 2-3 minutes. Mid-wife lets us know we’ve got time.—Good.
5:05 a.m. Eat breakfast, cram some Bradley birthing techniques from a book Emily had borrowed. You know, how to help her feel comfortable during labor, how to relax, how to coach, how to prepare the environment (later I found these bits of wisdom either applicable or just not practical for a 10 minute birth…considering )…Good.
5:30 a.m. Katie arrives…Good!
5:40 a.m. Finish getting a room ready for Katie to sleep in because it may be a bit before we need to go. Try to arrange a ride for Ashley to school at 8:30 but give details to Katie…Good.
5:41 a.m. Hmm, we’ve got our quarterly taxes, federal taxes and employee taxes to send in. Emily does not want me to put them at the box but would rather I take them to the post office…Not Good.
5:55 a.m. Returned from post office. (Saw, Dr. Jones (University President) on a run and thought it was funny because he ran by our place last time when Jacob was born and I said, “Hi Dr. Jones we’re headed to the hospital to have a baby.” This time I started to say that, but it was pitch dark and I think it spooked him, when I said, “Hey Dr. Jones” he swiftly headed down the road with a slightly started look. I opted to leave it at that.)
6:00 Things are packed and ready to go…Good.
6:01 Emily’s water breaks….Not Good!
6:03 Emily wants to rinse off and I check with the mid-wife, you’ve still got time. Good!
6:05 Strong contraction comes. Very intense and Emily is not able to get out of the shower…Not Good.
6:06 MIDWIFE or 911??? What do I do???? NOT GOOD!
6:07 Midwife realizes the contractions are strong and says we need to come immediately. I agree but not sure how this is going to work. The contractions are strong and Emily can’t step over the tub to get out of the shower. NOT GOOD!
6:08 Do I hang up on the midwife and call 911??? Emily screams, I see the HEAD! NOT GOOOOOOODDDDD! (Side Note #1: This was not covered in the 12-15 pages of The Bradley Method book that I crammed.)
(Side Note #2: Our 8 month first time pregnant sister-in-law was in the back making sure the kids didn’t wake and come to check on us. I’m sure she was greatly startled when she heard Emily scream from the top of her lungs. While thinking this was pre-labor.)
6:09 Midwife says, “Okay, it looks like you are going to have to deliver the baby.” What?!?! – NOT GOOD!
6:10 One strong contraction and then the head will come. Don’t worry it will only be  the head. Get a towel and do not pull. NOT GOOOOODDD! 6:10 Midwife says the second contraction will deliver the baby. Get ready because it will come quick. At this point, GOOOOOD I think!
6:12 Out comes the baby with great speed and into the towel while…thank God that he helpI made the catch because that was far faster and slippier than expected at the moment. Good, very Good. 6:12 Emily looks down and says, it’s a boy. Good, because we don’t have a girl name picked out.

Houston, We Have a Baby!

6:13 Wait, I need to hear something. Our other two came out screaming… Not Good.
6:14 Isaac cries. Good…I think…yes, Good.
-Katie hears in the back and text my brother (OMG I think I just heard a baby cry)
6:15 Did I just deliver our baby? Awesome.
6:16 The cord has a knot…Not good.
6:16 Midwife says, don’t worry the baby is out and crying, since it went so quick that will not be an issue. Good.
6:20 After birth comes out. —-Not sure what to think but I got a bowl (I’ll leave it at that)
6:21 Holding Isaac and a bowl. Very Good, well not the bowl part but holding Isaac.
6:23 Hang up with midwife, she is coming to us from Rockwall.
6:25 Let Katie know that it’s a boy and we won’t be going anywhere.
6:30 Shock and disbelief. We were not planning on a home birth and I was certainly not planning on delivering. Consider posting on our website, “Luminous Productions, now delivers.” :-)
6:45 A little mess to clean up in the bathroom. Not Good, but who cares the baby is out and breathing.
7:00 Midwife arrives…Good.
7:10 I cut the umbilical cord. Might as well finish what we started.
7:15 Midwife checks out baby and everything is looking good. Great!
7:30 Midwife checks out Emily. Things are good, but she needs a couple of stitches…Not Good.
7:45 Kids wake up and get to meet Isaac. They look on in disbelief and keep asking who’s baby? Our baby? I guess they thought the midwife just brought a baby for show in tell. We inform them that this is their brother Isaac. Middle name unknown. They are extremely excited and get to hold him. Very Good!
7:55 Window installers show up with a crew of 5 guys. I inform them that we just had a baby. No really, a little over an hour or so ago. The guy is thrown off by the comment. I ask if they can start in the back. Then we will rotate to the back and they can do the front of the house. They generously accommodate all request and do a good job of minimizing and cleaning messes…Good.
8:30 Katie takes Ashley to school and she get’s to share the news with friend. She went to bed and woke up and we had a baby…Good!
9:20 Midwife does another check and give us our to-dos. (Emily should remain on bed rest for two day….trying to imagine Emily resting for two days…not likely) Midwife finishes cleaning up and does a little laundry. Good.
10:00 Midwife leaves and we return to state of shock.

End of Birth Story 
1:00 Mowed some of the yard with Jacob. Good.
2:15 Pick up Ashley from school and headed to the airport. Good.
3:00 Missed exit to go to COSTCO to pick up a few things Emily asked me to pick up. Not Good.
3:55 Made it to the airport just before Emily’s mom’s bags arrived. Good.
4:30 Decide to try the south route home becuase I noticed traffic piling up on the way in. We hit traffic. Not Good.
5:00 Made it to Costco to pick up a few things on Emily’s grocery list. Good.
5:05 Realized I somehow lost the list. Not Good. – Surprisingly, remembered everything on the list. – Good.
6:30 Returned home and saw my parents and younger brother. Good.

The Plumbing Disaster
7:00 Had a plugged up toilet. Jacob flushed a wet wipe and half a roll of toilet paper. Not Good.
8:00 Really losing the battle to the clog. Plunging inadvertently sent gray water (to put it nicely) into both backroom bathroom tubs. The pressure also broke the wax ring of one of the toilet making it leak. Not Good.
8:20 Really, really, losing the battle! Mess everywhere….I mean everywhere. I pulled the toilet off. The tubs started draining and coming out of the toilet drain that I removed. NOT GOOD!
8:45 After about 5 trips of 5 gallons a trip of special “gray” water being dumped out the front door while I ran as fast as I could with a shop vac back and forth the bio-hazard was contained. DISGUSTING!!!
8:50 Wal-mart run- I buy all equipment I can find for removing blockage and return home…Good …I hope! (I remember doing something similar to this the week before Ashley was born. I did a post midnight Wal-mart run buying everything imaginable for a installing toilets and fixing their guts. – We  had just moved in and were remodeling at the time. We had three bathrooms and by the middle of the night I realized the drain issue rendering the back to useless was more than a simple clog and I was going to have to re-install the master bath toilet – We just installed flooring and removed the toilet. While installing, the fill valve broke shooting me in the face with water than came up like a fountain until I got it contained.)
9:20 Snake the line with a toilet auger just purchased form Wal-mart and out comes baby wipes that Jacob had flushed after he ran out of toilet paper. All of this from a couple of baby wipes, and a half a roll of toilet paper. Not Good…but problem appears to be solved...Good.
9:45 Clean up and debris. (Cross plumbing off of any sort of potential career path)
10:30 Emily’s mom disinfected our bathrooms and prepared them for use again…Good.
11:22 Isaac and I watch the end of the Mavs triple overtime game. Mavs lost. It’s okay Isaac, you’re here and the toilets flush. What more can you really ask for. Good.
12:00 Started recording the events of the day. Whew, it is done.

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