2014 Prayers for our Family

One of my awesome friends, Jen, started doing an annual, one word prayer for each of her immediate family members. I loved this great idea and adopted it as well. It is wonderful because it is simple enough to actually “do” and keeps my focus for our family.

Joe – Vision. It seems in life we can come to time periods where we’re just going through the motions, but not overly excited or pursuant of anything huge. I pray that the Lord would restore Joe’s vision-for himself, for the ministry the Lord has put before us, for our family and for our business.

myself – Stewardship. I’m praying that the Lord would help me be a better steward. A better steward of my time, my talents, my resources, my home, my belongings, etc. That He would help me to be more organized and intentional in my efforts. And that I would seek Him for contentment, not more things.

Ashley – Spirit. Mommy confession on my behalf…in some ways, I fear that I’ve broken my daughter’s spirit with my unnecessarily critical nature and my desire for her to achieve. In my struggles and failures, I fear I’ve broken her drive, confidence and beautiful (although differently wired from my own) spirit. My prayer is that the Lord would restore (and even flourish) her spirit over this next year, and that there would be a sense of healing and peace in her heart and in our relationship.

Jacob – Strength. Jacob is consumed with concepts and questions of strength these days. “See how strong I am,” or “Are you this strong,” etc. My prayer is that Jacob will learn to use his strength to be a help and a blessing, as opposed to simply holding power over someone else.

Isaac – Gentleness. Isaac is quite a silly little boy, and loves to play a little ornery. He is quite tough, and doesn’t seem to feel pain in quite the same way the rest of us do. We pray that over this year, he will learn to be gentle and tender to others.

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