Anatomy 101

So, as we were driving to go visit with one of my friends today and to play with the little boy she keeps, Bryce, Ashley and I had the following conversation:

Ashley: “Mommmy, is Bryce a girl or a boy.”

Me: “Bryce is a boy.”

Ashley: “Mommy, does he have one of those thingys that sticks out?”

Me: “You mean, does he have a penis?”

Ashley: “Yes, one of those thingys. Does Jacob have a penis? Why does he have a penis? Is it so he can go potty?”

Me: “Yes, yes it is.”

Ashley: “When am I going to get one of those? (slight pause) Mommy, when can I have a go-gurt?”

And on to the next conversation which was about the expression, “I doubt it.” Ashley then adjusted the expression in two different ways during this conversation. She said, “I don’t doubt it,” as well as “I double doubt-it” (the latter was completely made up on her own-made me laugh). I was impressed, as her structure and placement were actually appropriate. Go Ash! I think she is more articulate than some of Joe’s college students were one year in a class he taught as an adjunct professor.

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