This week for our Ladies Bible Study, we are studying the story of Deborah (see Judges 4 and 5). The author of our study

points out Deborah’s availability to be used by God.

A few years ago, my theme saying was, “just do it now.” This came back tonight as I read. I wonder how often God has things ready for us to do, and we may even be willing, but we’re not really “available.” You know, those times when we’re not exactly being responsible stewards of our time. We procrastinate for the sake of self pleasure; we put off to tomorrow, that which we could do today. Or maybe we just “clutter” our lives with the unnecessary busyness of life, as we wander a bit aimlessly. And as this all accumulates, we find ourselves consistently frustrated, overwhelmed and ultimately, unused. This leads to discouragement or maybe just stagnant in our walk with the Lord.

I guess my challenge for myself here is to pick back up this principle and get back to living in the moment, so that in the next moment, I am available when the Lord calls.

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