Awkward moments…

So, my very curious, now 3 year old has become interested in trying to understand the different shapes and sizes of people. While we were at a store yesterday, a very, very, seriously large woman walked by. “Mommy, why does that woman’s tummy look like that?,” is what I hear come from my daughter’s mouth. Wanting to dive into the nearest hole, I quickly responded with, “Because God made her that way,” and grabbed Ashley’s hand before the word F-A-T came out next. To make matters worse, we kept encountering that same woman throughout the store over and over again. Oh my.

So, what else have people said in response to their kiddos questions along these lines? I was trying to be truthful to Ashley and extend grace to the woman in my response, but upon further reflection, I realized that God really doesn’t intend for most people to be that large. Hmmm…so what is a truthful thing to say in that moment? We had talked earlier in the morning about how all people are special and equally valuable to God, whether they are fat or not. So, I don’t think the “value” aspect is an issue. I think kiddos are just trying to figure out the world, people, how we are alike, how we are different and why. It’s not personal, but as the person receiving that comment, I’m sure it just plain hurts.

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