Both of our children have had some huge personal breakthroughs in the past 48 hours.

Jacob can officially sit himself up on his own. He’s been crawling/dragging himself around for nearly two weeks, and even pulling himself up on things, but we hadn’t actually seen him push himself up from a laying to a sitting position until just today. Yeah for Jacob! What a big little guy. And…PTL, he slept from 8pm until 8am this morning. Now that was nice! And he is really starting to “talk” a lot these days, more than just babbling. So fun!

Ashley has had several breakthroughs as of late. In the last few days, she has really had something click with her letters and sounds. You can tell her a large variety of words and ask her what the first letter in the word is. She is able to correctly answer about 75% or more of the time. We are so excited for her. She told me today that she’ll be able to read her own books soon. I agreed :)

Ashley also got completely dressed on her own this morning (everything from underwear to choosing clothes that match). And…nothing was on backwards. I was impressed. However…she must have wanted to put a little halt on my expectations of her, because she did choose to wear her mud boots on the wrong feet when we went out for a walk today. Oh well!

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