"In my heart…"

As of late, Ashley has been talking/asking quite a bit about who is in her heart. You know, God, Jesus, people who have died before us, etc. So, last night, as she is going to the bathroom before going to bed she says, “Mommy, if you’re in my heart and I poop you out, then I won’t have a mommmy anymore.”

I laughed, and not knowing quite how to respond, I told her that it doesn’t work like that.

Oh goodness, what an alarming thought-that you just might poop your mommy away.

Today she asked me if God was in her poop. Oh my. There are some serious misconceptions going on here, I suspect because we tell her that God is everywhere. On the bright side, she is thinking and it is about God.

Of to recharge for the adventures tomorrow holds.

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