Is Jesus in your heart?

“Is Jesus in your heart?”

That is the question Ashley asked me yesterday morning as we were sitting in her room playing together. I told her that He is in my heart and asked her if He was in hers. She said that He wasn’t in hers yet.

Then, tonight, she was sitting in the chair and said, “Jesus, will you come into my heart.” I know her concept of who God is, is still small, but isn’t all of ours, really? May these seeds grow into spiritual trees with roots that run deep and fruit that attracts many for the sake of Christ and spreading His gift of freedom to others.

Joe and she have been talking about this quite a bit recently during their prayer time together in the evenings. I’m so thankful for a husband who is committed to teaching our children about our loving God…and who is committed to living and expressing in a loving way as well. Lord, may you mold and capture the hearts of both of our children, as well as any others we may be blessed with in the years ahead.

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