Let it SNOW!

Well, my friends, today has set a record in Texas. This is the most snow it has ever snowed on a single day in Texas in recorded history. I’m thrilled to be a part of it because it just isn’t a satisfying year if there isn’t at least one “snow day” where Joe gets off for at least part of a day, and, well, I miss snow!

We built 1 and 1/3 snowmen this morning and then a giant one this afternoon when Joe got off work early. Both full snowmen quickly made successful suicide attempts, but we had fun making them regardless.

I think we have an accumulation of about 6 inches as of tonight. It is supposed to snow all night, so I am excited to wake up in the morning and see what the ending result will be. And then, I’ll need to jump out of bed and go enjoy it quickly before it melts away by the end of the day.

Here are a few pictures of our snow fun:


Oh, and on a completely random note…Ashley is getting quite “smart” these days. I asked her to go get shoes on so we could leave to take Jacob to the doctor yesterday (he has a terrible rash which was determined to be eczema-boo!). It took a few “encouraging reminders” to accomplish this task. When she finally returned, she came in smugly sporting my running shoes. I wanted to burst in laughter and take a picture because it was so funny that she is getting that “smart,” and she finally did “obey,” but I did not want to start the game of humoring your mother every time she gives instructions. So, I acknowledged her obedience and then asked a few questions regarding the practicality of going to the doctor’s office wearing mommy’s running shoes. She soon determined that it would be rather difficult to walk in them and chose (on her own) to select a better fitting pair of shoes. I was so thankful…because if she hadn’t chose that on her own, I was going to hold her to wearing those two-time zone, size 10 running shoes of her mother.

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