"Mommy, how do I throw up?"

For some reason, Ashley has decided tonight that she needs to throw up. She told us this while we were in the vehicle earlier this evening. We gave her a plastic bag to use if necessary. She kept it with her, but never did anything. Then, right before we put her to bed, she wanted a garbage can to throw up in. Then she wanted to go throw up in the kitchen garbage. I told her she could. When we were there with the kitchen garbage can, she looked up at me and asked, “How do I do it?” I told/showed her (mostly emphasizing the importance of aiming correctly-an effort to minimize any clean-up for me). She then “tried” and spit in the garbage a few times.

What in the world? She’s obsessed with throwing up today. I’m thinking, if you are asking how to throw up, you are not really feeling sick. What a silly little faker…at least I pray she is faking it. There is a garbage right beside her bed, just in case.

Good times…

Happy Easter to all!

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