Potty Party

I know this sounds crazy by American standards, but we’ve started putting Jacob on the potty chair this week and he’s been pooping and peeing in it nearly every time we sit him there. The boy is not quite seven months yet, but it is almost as if he knows what to do. Maybe it is just a fluke, but he has been doing very well for the past few days. I figure it is at least a few less poopy cloth diapers to spray out and wash. Yeah!

My theory with the whole potty training thing is that we should teach the child before they learn any differently. By this I mean that if we just make that the natural next transition (kind-of like from nursing alone to nursing and eating some rice cereal) they’ll never know any different and you don’t have to get into the battle of wills over the use of a stinkin (and I mean this literally) toilet. We did that approach with Ashley and it seemed to have worked pretty well. Now, I may have to eat my words in 2 or 3 years if Jacob is still not potty trained, but hey, it is at least a start.

On a different note, but still regarding Jacob, this little guy is so funny. His giggle just absolutely melts my heart and makes me laugh. I think there will be a day when he’ll probably be able to use his charm to crack a sour moment I may be experiencing. How fun!

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  • Jen:

    Awesome! We did this with Keanan starting at 6 months with great results. But I was not consistent during the accident and later parts of this pregnancy, but we are working back up to it. It's called elimination communication. =)

  • becky:

    I think it is great. I don't do it quite that early but I still do it early. I start on their 1st birthday. I just do it when it is convenient like before baths and when I am changing their clothes. It worked great with Brenten he was potty trained by 2. I didn't do it with Landon because I was working. I started a little while later. He is a more stubborn kid but it has taken much longer and we are still working on night time. So I am hoping it will work with Cait. Maybe I should get it out once she is feeling better. She will be about 1 by then anyway.

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