Quote of the morning

“I think we need to get rid of our baby because he keeps pulling my hair.” When I asked where we would take him, Ashley said, “To the doctor’s office.” I guess she things he needs reconfigured. I asked her what they would do with him there and she said they’d play with him a lot. I asked if we could go get him again later and she said we could, after a while.

Well, after having two sick kiddos for the past week, I determined that we were going to get out of the house today…even if it nearly killed me. Well, it didn’t kill me and we were able to get out and run a ton of errands (hooray), as well as stop by some friends house to play and completely blow nap time for them and us (oops). It felt so nice to be out in the warm sun and accomplishing a few things that have been put on hold since everyone got sick.

The one thing we did not accomplish, however, was the renewal of my driver’s license. When we arrived, they were serving customer number 29. After about 5 minutes of ZERO movement through their office, I decided that our number (41) was not going to be called anytime soon. So, I thought we’d go ahead and drop off our recycling and then come back to see just how far the numbers had moved. So, after our 15 minute interlude, we returned to find that the DMV office was now serving customer number 32. Are you serious?, I thought to myself. Knowing we had much more effective ways to use our time, we ditched that errand for another day. I’m wondering what could possibly take so long. I guess when I brave the wait one of these days in the very near future, I’ll be able to tell you what is so time consuming in there. Let the unsolved mystery be solved…

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