Ready to be with God

Ashley has been really fixated on trying to figure out death, what emotions to feel about it, etc. lately. Likely her concern has risen up because nearly a month ago two University students were riding on a motorcycle toward Commerce, they swerved or were hit (I’ve heard both stories), and the girl died and the boy is still in the hospital undergoing different surgeries and healing.

Anyhow, today she was asking about Mallory (the girl who died), wondering if her family is missing her, if she would ever come back, if she lived in our hearts now and then Ashley finally determined that “She was ready to go be with God. Yep, she was ready to go see God. He was ready for her to come.”

Why can’t we all just be at peace with that concept? No tragedy has touched our lives that has not first been sifted through the Hands of God. How easily we forget this, especially in the midst of the storm.

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