My friend just told me yesterday to be careful because she works at the ER and they had 3 copperhead snake bite cases the night before. I proceeded to tell her that we hadn’t seen many snakes lately at all around our place and were very thankful about that. Well, I knew that in opening my very mouth, I would surely soon have opportunities to see snakes. Ugh!

So, today as Joe and Ashley are crouching down picking blueberries from our blueberry bushes, Joe jumps back and hollers “Snake!” Oh gosh. But, thankfully this one was tangled up in the bird netting, so it couldn’t go far. He took care of it and it no longer poses any threat to us, if you get my drift.

This evening, after some fun times feeding the fish down at the pond we saw another, much larger snake crossing our path. Joe went to retrieve the proper implements to eradicate the snake, but by the time he returned, the snake was long gone, and I was not going to investigate to determine its location in my sandals. So, that snake is down there somewhere…hopefully just eating some mice and intending to mind his own pretty little business.

Life on the farm… 

2 Responses to “S.N.A.K.E.S.”

  • Jen:

    Yikes! Be careful! It is things like this that make be very glad to live in boring WA.

  • Joe, Ash, Grayson and Hank:

    As you know from my recent fun times with snakes, it makes me love Joe more that he has implements and "takes care of them". My issue is that if I lived on the farm, I could at least be mentally prepared that I would be running across a snake at some point. I just don't expect to see snakes in the city!!!

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