Texas Snowtastrophe 2010

Enjoy some pictures of our winter wonderland. We are just thrilled to be a part of witnessing this historical event. We think we chalked up about 9 inches of snow. We measured mid-day today, after a significant amount of melting had occurred, and we still had 8 inches. It is just incredible.

Snow is just so magical and peaceful. We are thankful for the gift it is. Our spirits are lifted by this simple gift from above. Now, we’ll see how the melting process all plays out-hopefully not too much flooding will occur.

Ashley’s favorite part of having snow-snow treats :) She called it her “lunch” today. And no wonder she gets cold quickly out there!


This is Joe’s idea for a sled-definitely Texas sized. It worked really well and was really fun…until we nearly ended in the stream in our ditch. Let me just say that it goes downhill REALLY well.


Notice the irony in this photo. Texas, 8 inches of snow, a boogie board, and a sand castle shovel. LOVE IT!

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  • becky:

    You got some really fabulous pictures. I love the one with the swing and the water. It looks like you guys are having fun with it.

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