Texas Tornado

Jacob has officially turned into a Texas Tornado around our house. Today, he has been into toilet paper, pulled tissue, after tissue out of a Kleenex box (and then proceeded to tear those into itty-bitty pieces), grabbed fistfuls of dirt out of potted plants in the house, pulled over the one fake plant I have (thankfully it was fake), climbed up on the elliptical, headed for the toilet plunger and scrubber (yuck-glad to have caught him in time), tried to help me with spraying his feces off of a cloth diaper into the toilet (gross-his little hands on the edge of the toilet), eaten some sand, and pulled out all the tupperware lids. Did I mention he is only 8 1/2 months old? How fun-he’s just so quick to move from one thing to the next. He’ll be keeping me on my toes for certain. I’d best go rest now before the “storm” wakes.

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