Transformational Gum

What is with the transformation that happens in a child when you give them a piece of chewing gum. I’ve begun letting Ashley chew gum on occasion (which has actually been 3 times in the past 5 days or so) and every time she gets on a “valley girl” demeanor. Her head cocks to the side, her lips begin smacking, and, well…she turns “blonde.” Where does this come from, I ask myself? Is this what we adults look like when we chew gum? I’m thinking not, but perhaps we really do? Does she perceive that this is the “grown-up” attitude that should accompany gum?

Any insight would be great. Perhaps nobody else’s children have experienced this unusual metamorphosis, but if/when your child does, please let me know what happens. Is there some weird chemical in there?

BTW, Happy 3rd Birthday to Ashley tomorrow. We have thoroughly enjoyed the past three years with her in our lives. We look forward to each special day ahead that God grants us together as a family. Her sweet and loving spirit, her excitement over the little things, her ability to talk one’s ear off, her true love for other people and her growing love for the Lord are all aspects that make her so sweet and so special. Ashley, we pray you will be a leader among many and that your capacity to love others will only grow and grow and grow. May others come to know Christ because of the amazing, loving spirit He has placed within you.

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