Valelntine’s Stained Glass

Here is a simple, yet fun, Valentine’s craft idea to do with kiddos of all different ages.

We simply cut/tore up pieces of old tissue paper from gifts into little pieces. We then placed those in between two pieces of waxed paper. With the iron on high, we placed the wax paper sprinkled with the tissue paper, beneath a towel and heated it with the iron until it sealed.

We then cut shapes/letters out of folded black and pink papers. Next we glued the waxed paper sheets behind the borders of the solid paper. Then use a few pieces of tape and place in the window or gift to Daddy/Mommy, Grandpa/Grandma, or a friend for their window.

This craft can easily be adapted for other holidays and celebrations by using different colored construction paper for the borders and using different celebration appropriate words or names.

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